Two Years In: Kent Oyler Reflects On His Tenure

8/25/2016 03:18:04 PM  -  0 Comments

We don’t claim 'mission accomplished' (hey, we are just getting started) however, real and tangible progress has been made at GLI over the past two years. I'm proud of what we have collectively accomplished.


You’ve Got Mail

6/15/2016 11:31:37 AM  -  0 Comments

The third wave is here in 2016 and we all need to be prepared to respond both offensively and defensively.


The Scoop on Crowdfunding – A Big Boon to Early Stage Investment

3/14/2016 02:29:37 PM  -  0 Comments

While some may say “crowdfunding” is simply begging for money over the Internet, it is actually an environment for groups of people who share common interests to pool small contributions of money to achieve their common financial goals.