Capitol Connection: Governor Beshear Says “Yes” to Local Option Sales Tax

1/30/2013 12:25:01 PM  -  0 Comments

Governor Steve Beshear was very clear about his support of a local option sales tax as he stood before a crowd of more than 250 attendees of GLI's most recent Capitol Connection luncheon.

When asked about his position on the proposed dedicated tax for specified projects within a community, Beshear began his remarks by saying, "As you well know, politicians are known to take both sides of an issue."  After a short pause, he quickly injected, "I'm all for it!"



GLI and 502 Restaurant Week Offer Special Savings

1/22/2013 12:24:50 PM  -  0 Comments

GLI and a new promotional concept here in town called "502 Restaurant Week," have cooked up a plan to help promote local eateries this winter and it includes a one-year membership to GLI to help build their restaurant's business for the long term! 



GLI Playing Bigger Role as Companies Go Global

1/17/2013 05:02:40 PM  -  0 Comments

In an effort to gauge the region's current export activities, GLI and its regional partners recently conducted a 2012 Regional Export Activity Benchmarking Survey to gather up-to-date input on area exporting, including a review of any challenges to entering new markets.