Does Your Company Have a Plan to Finance Business Growth?

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DaveO As our economy emerges from the recession and companies look to grow again, Dave Oetken , Managing Director for Business Advising at ENTERPRISECORP, offers his insights to help businesses understand the importance of cash cycles and financing growth:

The goal of every business leader is to grow the business or organization. Right? Sales solve all problems. Right? If I could just increase sales by 10% or just find that next big contract all my problems would be solved. Right? Well, maybe.



Louisville’s Aging Care Innovators

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Louisville’s Aging Care sector is growing, making it one of the region’s most exciting areas for economic growth. Today, the My Better Nursing Home blog highlighted one critical component Louisville is using to develop the next generation of innovations in again care: The International Center for Long-Term Care Innovation.



Fortune Magazine Recognizes Louisville’s Growing Dominance in Logistics

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Fortune The latest from Eileen Pickett, GLI’s Senior Vice President for Economic and Community Development:


We’ve known for a long time that the logistics and distribution sector is central to Louisville’s economy.  And we’ve known that this community is good at logistics – if you need to get something from here to there, Louisville is the place to do it.   It’s rather nice though, to have the rest of the world acknowledge this strength.


I draw your attention to the current issue of Fortune magazine (the Oct 18th issue – the one with Oprah on the cover) pages 32 and 33.



55,000 Degrees – Turn up the Heat!

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Graduate22What will it take to grow our city and attract new-economy jobs? One thing we know for sure is more citizens with post-secondary degrees.  So a coalition of business, civic and government leaders have taken on an exciting new initiative that will increase the number of degree-holders in Louisville by 55,000 people.


A bold goal? You bet.



Which Candidates Support Business?

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vote GLI published its 2010 Candidate Survey responses today, and if you haven’t checked them out, you can click here to do so.


As we all know, Kentucky has an important election taking place on Tuesday, November 2. To help you support candidates who are committed to improving the local, state and federal climates for business, GLI surveyed candidates for local, state and federal office and asked them to share their positions on pressing employer concerns – taxes, economic development, business regulation and more.



New Member Benefit Makes Procurement Easy! (And Sends New Customers to Your Door)

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CBid The Inner Chamber doesn’t have many procurement needs. We’re a blog. But the rest of our organization is utilizing products and services all the time: awards, office supplies, graphic services, caterers… the list goes on and on.


We know most companies are like ours: many needs, little time to get competitive bids. So GLI has launched a new exclusive member benefit to address this challenge: ChamberBid.



Not All Ideas Can Be Realized Quickly…

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As Louisville is working to transform itself into the Idea Capital of the World, people across the community are thinking about what it means to dream big – and what it takes to make an idea reality.


Today’s Washington Post has an interesting article on one man’s quest to make his dream come true. In the case of Jan Scruggs, his dream was to create the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Click here to read his account of the challenges and fortitude it took to make his big idea come to fruition.