2013 Vogt Awards Demo Day

12/2/2013 10:20:18 AM  -  0 Comments

New Training and Development Tier for Innovation & Invention Awards Gives Entrepreneurs Chance to Earn $100,000

Who knew that a baby bottle could be your ticket to the yellow brick road?  Of course, we’re not talking about just any baby bottle. The Mix & Go baby bottle is the idea and invention of Frankfort-based LaShana Harris, a busy mother, attorney and entrepreneur.  LaShana used her own harried experiences to inspire her to start her own company, Babylocity, and to develop a simple to use, multi-compartment product that mixes water and baby formula all in one bottle for anytime you need to feed.

LaShana’s desire to find a workable solution to a universal problem lead her to the Vogt Innovation & Invention Awards program, which provides funding and support for early stage manufacturing companies.  Just this year, the Vogt Awards engaged in a little re-tooling of its own and added an accelerator program along with the $20,000 development grant awarded to each of four winners.

As a 2013 Vogt Award recipent, LaShana participated in the Launchit-powered by Nucleus 10-week Lean Start-Up training course, which helped her validate and improve her product through all important customer feedback. In addition, she and the other three Vogt Award recipents, Liberate Medical, ModBox LLC, and Wixel Technologies, participated in weekly sessions on prototyping, design manufacturing, distribution, branding, marketing, packaging, supply chain management and lean manufacturing. The Vogt Award companies also benefited from the availability of a number of highly experienced and successful mentors in the manufacturing sector.