Kent’s Column: School Selection Matters

12/17/2014 01:37:16 PM  -  0 Comments

To paraphrase a famous Robert Frost poem I read in 4th grade, “Two paths diverged in a wood and I selected the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference”.

Sad thing is that every JCPS family has the opportunity to select the schools of their choice within their cluster, and surprisingly few take it.  The time to for school selection is now; the open enrollment period, so to speak, is now until January 9th.  A very high percentage of kids get their first or second choice, but another very high percentage do not bother to request a specific school; instead, they leave it up to some cranky computer in a dusty basement of the Van Hoose Education Center.  That is sad because even when offered a meaningful semblance of influence over their children’s education, tens of thousands of parents never take it.  Let’s change that!



Kent’s Column: Watch out Austin!

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to regale my old entrepreneurial stories over lunch with a group of UofL entrepreneurial MBA students.  Even better, GLI's new EnterpriseCorp VP Terry Gill joined me, though he did eat half my sandwich.

At this age, serving up decades of experience makes you feel, uh, seasoned. Yes, there is a good reason for that gray hair, and Terry and I each have the gray hair to back up our experience.  But enough about us weathered old guys.