It’s Time to Strongly Back Kentucky’s Signature Industries

3/23/2016 03:06:02 PM  -  0 Comments

Horses, bourbon, healthcare, autos, global restaurant companies.  What are we doing to protect these industries, promote them and make it as easy as possible for them to thrive here?  The answer is simple: ‘not enough.’


Comprehensive Tax Reform: The Key to Future Growth

3/14/2016 03:09:43 PM  -  0 Comments

Tax reform has long been a desire of the region’s business community and GLI has been at the forefront of that push.


The Scoop on Crowdfunding – A Big Boon to Early Stage Investment

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While some may say “crowdfunding” is simply begging for money over the Internet, it is actually an environment for groups of people who share common interests to pool small contributions of money to achieve their common financial goals.



Right to Work: Employees Deserve A Choice

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Kentucky has a strong history of protecting workers’ right to organize. Yet over the last half century, the statutes that once protected the Commonwealth’s labor force have devolved to protect just the small number of union leaders that perpetuate a broken system.  It is time for Right to Work legislation in Kentucky.