The Significance of a CEO Roundtable

5/8/2012 05:54:58 PM  -  0 Comments

As a small business leader, you face greater challenges than ever before.  Your competitors are relentless, customers are scarce and every day brings another wildfire that needs to be put out. Sometimes you feel like the proverbial gerbil furiously running on the wheel but getting nowhere. How can you, as a small business leader rise above the daily fire fighting and focus on the ‘big picture’ – the strategy that will move the business forward toward your vision. Michael Gerber calls this working “on” your business, not “in” your business.

Joining a CEO Roundtable is the best way to start working on your business. The concept is not new. Benjamin Franklin, early in his career, formed a group he liked to call the Junto. He gathered a group of likeminded tradesmen together to meet regularly to help each member improve himself and his business through collective learning and problem solving.  Others have recognized the power of the peer learning group. Napoleon Hill, in his classic Think & Grow Rich calls this a “Master Mind” group and is a key component in his success principles, too.