Louisville’s Economic Development Efforts on a Roll for 2013

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Some say Louisville is attractive as a place to start and grow a business because of its workforce that continually demonstrates a strong work ethic.  Others say it is the hugely positive experience they have doing business with a community that highly values economic development and is thus a strong business supporter.  Still others say that it is because Louisville offers a geographically desirable location and accessibility through a strong logistics and distribution network. 
Regardless of what the reasons are, the reality is that Louisville is experiencing a very strong surge in business expansion and new business development.  And that surge translates to tremendous job creation and long-term investment in our community’s infrastructure.


XLerate Health Puts Pedal to the Metal for Start-Up Health Care Companies

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The good news is that Louisville has already established itself as a leader in supporting health industry entrepreneurs. The even better news is that Louisville is reinforcing that position by being the first city in the southern region of the U.S. to offer an accelerator for early-stage, health-related companies.

XLerateHealth is led by Bob Saunders, a seasoned venture capitalist who has worked with more than 100 startup companies. His fellow co-founders are Ted Smith, a successful health care entrepreneur in his own right, and Director of Economic Growth & Innovation for Louisville Metro Government; and Bobby Ferreri, Executive Director of Greater Louisville's Inc.'s EnterpriseCorp.

The goal is for XLerateHealth to house some of the most innovative health-related companies in the United States and concentrate on leveraging industry partners, including providers, payers and ACO's, to fast-track learning and growth through real-world pilot testing at potential future customer sites for participating companies.



Roll Out the Red Carpet: It’s Small Business Awards Season at GLI

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Each year, GLI goes hunting for the top small businesses in the community in order to recognize and celebrate them for the tremendous contributions they make to our economy and our region. The best of the best are presented with an Inc.Credible Award and this year, we may be looking for you.

If you’re a small business owner or know of a small business that is exceptionally innovative and successful, GLI wants to know about it. GLI already knows that small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, making up more than 99.7 percent of all employers and providing jobs to half of all private sector workers.

The Inc.credible Awards were started in order to recognize outstanding small businesses in eight categories and to celebrate those winners publicly as examples of what hard working and creative business people can do.

This year, the 2013 Inc.credible Awards Luncheon will be held on Friday, August 23 at the Galt House.