GLI: Supporting the Need to LEAD

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“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.” Author and leadership consultant Warren Bennis may have penned this much used quote, but everyone knows it.

Making sure we ‘make’ new community business leaders is what LEAD (Leadership. Engagement. Action. Development.) GLI is all about. Introduced just this week, LEAD GLI is a business leadership development program offered exclusively for employees of GLI’s Top Investors. The six-month comprehensive program is designed for those who want to enhance their leadership skills, expand their personal networks and give themselves a much more in-depth understanding of the region’s economy and economic development strategies.   The half-day sessions will provide class members valuable information about the community’s opportunities and challenges in the areas such as job creation, entrepreneurial development, human capital, public policy, and more.



Top Investors Update on Ohio River Bridges: Praised for Persistence, Business Community Now Asked To Be Patient

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“You have nagged, needled and pushed until we got this job done,” said Governor Steve Beshear to more than 250 attendees of GLI’s most recent Top Investor breakfast about the construction commencement of the Ohio River Bridges Project’s (ORB) Downtown Crossing which will result in a new bridge adjacent to the existing Kennedy Bridge, a reconfiguration of what is commonly referred to as Spaghetti Junction which is the approach to the bridge on the Kentucky side and new approach on the Indiana side to both the Kennedy and the new bridge.

“Thanks to the business communities of Kentucky and Southern Indiana for over a decade of focus and a steady and loud drumbeat that has helped us reach the point we are at today,” he said.

Beshear went on to categorize the ORB as “the largest bi-river construction project in the history of the two states.” Construction is scheduled to start within the next two weeks and the Downtown Crossing is expected to be complete in about three and a half years.  The East End Crossing, which will extend the Gene Snyder Freeway from Prospect over the Ohio River to Utica, IN, has already begun construction and is scheduled for completion in October of 2016.