Kindred’s Paul Diaz Champions “Continuum of Care”

8/31/2012 09:31:15 AM  -  0 Comments

If you were at last week’s GLI Business at Breakfast session featuring Kindred Healthcare CEO Paul Diaz then you have learned that Diaz is a conversationalist.  No big speeches here.  He wants to create a dialogue and that’s pretty important for a guy who is at the epicenter of major health care reform in this country.  Not the kind of reform being debated on the hill, but the kind of health care transformation that is taking place everyday in our hospitals, homes, rehab centers and long term care facilities.  There is no doubt our population is aging and living longer, creating a need for new strategies for how to address more aggressively emerging issues such as medical intervention, chronic disease and sensitivity to end of life. . .not to mention how to pay for it all.  These issues are being dealt with every day in one way or another, but Diaz is leading Kindred, the country’s largest diversified provider of long term and post-acute health care, toward helping to facilitate the integration of these discussions among patients and all health care providers so we can achieve better patient outcomes while taking advantage of efficiencies and cost savings.