Who Doesn’t Like Free Coffee? Get Yours Tomorrow!

9/28/2010 01:20:30 PM  -  0 Comments

Java Much like America runs on coffee, GLI runs on the support and engagement of our small business members. Throughout the month of September, we've been celebrating small business contributions to our region's vitality. Now, we’re inviting our small business members to power up with free Java Brewing coffee tomorrow.


We know working at a small business requires wearing many hats - and putting in many long hours. So GLI and Java Brewing have teamed up to show our appreciation by offering small business workers free coffee and pastry tomorrow (Wednesday) at any Java Brewing location.



Philanthropic Giving: Lessons from Pittsburgh Coming to Kentucky

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Giving The 2010 Leadership Expedition trip to Pittsburgh uncovered many key factors for successful, thriving hubs of innovation and activity. One area the GLI/Commerce Lexington group explored was the impact of philanthropic giving, which has been a theme studied at several past GLIDE trip locations as well.


Philanthropy and a rich culture of philanthropic organizations is one way communities create rich quality of life for their residents. In today’s Courier-Journal, an interesting article discusses Kentucky’s philanthropic potential. A recent study from Center for Rural Entrepreneurship estimates that $3.6 billion is charitable giving is available if philanthropies succeeded in capturing just five percent of the wealth expected to shift generations by 2020.



Strategy – Now That You’ve Developed It, Execute It!

9/7/2010 12:15:12 PM  -  2 Comments

Strategy David Oetken, Director of Business Advising for GLI’s ENTERPRISECORP, shares his insights on corporate strategies below. As one Harvard Business Review article notes, “A brilliant strategy, blockbuster product or breakthrough technology can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there.”



As market conditions quickly change, any company that can rapidly “triage” its strategy and adapt to new conditions will have a huge competitive advantage. Worldwide, strategic planning has become the business norm. However, in a recent survey, chief executives of corporations identified excellence in execution as their top challenge (55.4%), as well as the alignment between strategy and execution (47.0%), and speed, flexibility and adaptability to change (46.6%). Clearly, CEO’s are recognizing that developing a good strategy is far easier than executing that strategy.