GLIDE Day 3: Key Takeaway is Collaboration

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It is probably no coincidence that Day 3 of GLI's annual GLIDE trip, which explored Houston this year, was spent at Houston's world renowned Texas Medical Center, an extraordinary example of a single vision with enough significant collaboration to make it happen. . . .over time.

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) started in 1944 as a single vision of Dr. Monroe Dunaway Anderson, of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center fame, with less than a handful of neighboring medical institutions.  At that time the M.D. Anderson Foundation paid roughly $419,000 to the city to buy nearly 135 acres of undeveloped land and dedicate it to becoming the TMC, which today includes 54 member institutions, 106,000 employees, 20,000 physicians and nurses, 23,000 researchers and faculty and a $15 billion operating budget. 

Through strategic planning, the Houston campus has grown to 45.8 million square feet, 1,345 acres and 290 buildings.  And that's just in Houston.  TMC has additional campuses in Galveston and Denton and some of its member institutions operate facilities throughout the world.



GLIDE Day 2: What Makes Houston Big

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From learning the differences and similarities between Louisville and Houston, talking 'Energy's role in Houston's Success' and why Houston is a hot bed for talent to touring the Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Galleria and the NASA Johnson Space Center…Day 2 of GLI's Greater Louisville Idea Expedition (GLIDE) was full of big Texas thinking and fun!  Here are a few insights from GLI's guest blogger Susan McNeese Lynch:

What Makes Houston Big, Mayor Annise Parker

She's mayor of the 4th largest city in America. She is the first openly gay mayor of a major metro. She has to run every two years and can only serve three consecutive terms. And Houston Mayor Annise Parker really knows how to spin a negative into a positive!  When asked about the city's ominous role in the blockbuster movie Apollo 13, she cautioned everyone to listen more carefully. "There's more to that sentence. It's not 'Houston we have a problem.'  It's 'Houston, we have a problem you need to solve!" 



GLIDE Day 1: Heading to Houston

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On September 15, over 100 regional business and community leaders arrived in Houston for 3 days of learning and big thinking as part of GLI's Greater Louisville Idea Development Expedition (GLIDE).  GLI's guest blogger, Susan McNeese Lynch with SML Communications, recaps the jam-packed Houston adventure and all that attendees learned during GLIDE 2013.

Day 1

GLIDE:  Heading to Houston

We're here!  Here in Houston and the fact that the 2013 GLI Glide trip is off and running is testament to the ability of 101 participants, representing businesses, community organizations, non profits, government and schools, to all show up at the same time at SDF, follow instructions to get on the plane, stay somewhat quiet enough to hear the emergency instructions, and exit the plane orderly enough to get on the correct tour bus.  Missions accomplished!!