INNOVATION: The Key to Winning

2/1/2017 12:44:46 PM  -  0 Comments

By Kent Oyler, President & CEO of GLI

There is a reason we chose innovation as the theme for GLI’s 2017 Annual Meeting -- we believe the status quo is unsustainable.  It’s time for us to create a bigger vision for ourselves.




The Case for Racial Healing

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Healing the racial divide that has so polarized parts of our city and our nation will take commitment, perseverance and a whole lot of compassion. This divide, born out of cynicism, mistrust and neglect, didn’t open up overnight, and it won’t be closed quickly.  


Welcome 2017

1/4/2017 02:02:31 PM  -  0 Comments

Welcome 2017 By: Kent Oyler, President & CEO of GLI With the Holidays behind us, many of us are making New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves (or better yet in the business world, preparing to execute well-conceived annual plans). As we celebrate our 20th year, GLI, the Metro Chamber of Commerce, sees tremendous opportunity in the year ahead, following on significant progress in 2016.  First, a quick review of the highlights from Greater Louisville Inc.'s eventful 2016…  



Two Years In: Kent Oyler Reflects On His Tenure

8/25/2016 03:18:04 PM  -  0 Comments

We don’t claim 'mission accomplished' (hey, we are just getting started) however, real and tangible progress has been made at GLI over the past two years. I'm proud of what we have collectively accomplished.


You’ve Got Mail

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The third wave is here in 2016 and we all need to be prepared to respond both offensively and defensively.


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