Greater Louisville’s Voice In Washington

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Becoming Familiar with Greater Louisville

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INNOVATION: The Key to Winning

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By Kent Oyler, President & CEO of GLI

There is a reason we chose innovation as the theme for GLI’s 2017 Annual Meeting -- we believe the status quo is unsustainable.  It’s time for us to create a bigger vision for ourselves.




The Case for Racial Healing

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Healing the racial divide that has so polarized parts of our city and our nation will take commitment, perseverance and a whole lot of compassion. This divide, born out of cynicism, mistrust and neglect, didn’t open up overnight, and it won’t be closed quickly.  


Welcome 2017

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Welcome 2017 By: Kent Oyler, President & CEO of GLI With the Holidays behind us, many of us are making New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves (or better yet in the business world, preparing to execute well-conceived annual plans). As we celebrate our 20th year, GLI, the Metro Chamber of Commerce, sees tremendous opportunity in the year ahead, following on significant progress in 2016.  First, a quick review of the highlights from Greater Louisville Inc.'s eventful 2016…  



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