Greater Louisville’s Voice In Washington

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Becoming Familiar with Greater Louisville

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INNOVATION: The Key to Winning

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By Kent Oyler, President & CEO of GLI

There is a reason we chose innovation as the theme for GLI’s 2017 Annual Meeting -- we believe the status quo is unsustainable.  It’s time for us to create a bigger vision for ourselves.




The Case for Racial Healing

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Healing the racial divide that has so polarized parts of our city and our nation will take commitment, perseverance and a whole lot of compassion. This divide, born out of cynicism, mistrust and neglect, didn’t open up overnight, and it won’t be closed quickly.  


Welcome 2017

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Welcome 2017 By: Kent Oyler, President & CEO of GLI With the Holidays behind us, many of us are making New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves (or better yet in the business world, preparing to execute well-conceived annual plans). As we celebrate our 20th year, GLI, the Metro Chamber of Commerce, sees tremendous opportunity in the year ahead, following on significant progress in 2016.  First, a quick review of the highlights from Greater Louisville Inc.'s eventful 2016…  



Two Years In: Kent Oyler Reflects On His Tenure

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We don’t claim 'mission accomplished' (hey, we are just getting started) however, real and tangible progress has been made at GLI over the past two years. I'm proud of what we have collectively accomplished.


You’ve Got Mail

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The third wave is here in 2016 and we all need to be prepared to respond both offensively and defensively.


Time to Address JCPS’ Administrative Inequities

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It is the right time for JCPS’ Board to take a more active role in managing administrative salaries and to reallocate those tens of millions of dollars per year to programs that directly benefit our children in the system.



It’s Time to Strongly Back Kentucky’s Signature Industries

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Horses, bourbon, healthcare, autos, global restaurant companies.  What are we doing to protect these industries, promote them and make it as easy as possible for them to thrive here?  The answer is simple: ‘not enough.’


Comprehensive Tax Reform: The Key to Future Growth

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Tax reform has long been a desire of the region’s business community and GLI has been at the forefront of that push.


The Scoop on Crowdfunding – A Big Boon to Early Stage Investment

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While some may say “crowdfunding” is simply begging for money over the Internet, it is actually an environment for groups of people who share common interests to pool small contributions of money to achieve their common financial goals.



Right to Work: Employees Deserve A Choice

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Kentucky has a strong history of protecting workers’ right to organize. Yet over the last half century, the statutes that once protected the Commonwealth’s labor force have devolved to protect just the small number of union leaders that perpetuate a broken system.  It is time for Right to Work legislation in Kentucky.


GLI Members to Hear from Aetna CEO

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Mark Bertolini, Chairman and CEO of Aetna, will serve as the keynote speaker for the GLI Annual Meeting on January 26. Bertolini will discuss remaining regulatory hurdles, the future of the merged company, the healthcare landscape, and the company’s commitment to Louisville.



Kent's Column: Nonemployers of the nonworkforce of our future

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It's no secret that the workforce is changing...


Editorial: Best Kept Secret

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Best kept secret. This is a term often used to describe the Louisville Region...


Kent's Column: This Should Scare You

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This tech article may scare the hell out of you. It should also excite and fascinate you, assuming you embrace innovation and are optimistic about the future.


Delivering A Return On Your GLI Investment

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First, let me thank you for investing in GLI's mission to accelerate economic growth, job creation and business competitiveness in our region...



Editorial: Transformational Entrepreneurship

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Recently I participated in group discussion that included some of Louisville’s best known entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders.  We gathered together to talk about what was working within our entrepreneurial ecosystem, what was lacking and most importantly, how to move the community forward.


Kent's Column: Time To Wipe the Record Clean

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It’s time for our legislators to support bi-partisan efforts to expand the scope of expungements...



Kent's Column: Invasion of the Interns

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It’s June, which means the reappearance of lightning bugs and summer interns.Yes interns, those perky young people full of energy and ambition who nervously settle into cubicles across the city...


Kent's Column: 55K a priority for economic development

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I spent yesterday cloistered at the Frazier with an impressive group of 50 education, business and government leaders including Mayor Fischer, JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens, IUS Chancellor Ray Wallace and Hilliard Lyons CEO Jim Allen, amongst many others.


“Go Further” - Business at Breakfast Series Features Ford Motor Company President and CEO

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GLI and Ford Motor Company have joined forces for the May Business at Breakfast event; this year’s theme highlights community leadership, companies and leaders who are investing in today and tomorrow. Ford President and CEO Mark Fields will serve as the keynote speaker for Greater Louisville Inc.’s Business at Breakfast event, which will take place at lunch to accommodate schedules.


Kent's Column: Maximizing Your Membership

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It’s cliché to point out that the more you put into an organization the more you will get out of it.  But hey, we aren’t above dropping a cliché here and there.  So here goes; there is a lot to be gained by getting engaged with GLI. We have increased the ways for you to maximize your membership value while keeping the spotlight on accelerating economic growth, job creation and business competitiveness.


Kent's Column: We See You; Do You See Us?

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That was the profound quote from former Kentucky Governor Paul Patton as he discussed Kentucky's urban-rural divide at the recent Leadership Louisville Best of Leadership Summit.  Wow!  We See You; Do You See Us?  Those words should be a wake-up call for those of us in urban areas that have for years grumbled about the export of capital and political power to the rest of the state.


Attorney General Jack Conway Focuses on Jobs Creation, Public Safety and Education in Remarks During GLI’s Capitol Connection

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Attorney General Jack Conway got right to the point.  Three points, actually, as he spoke before a packed house at the Olmsted as part of GLI’s Capitol Connection series.  He laid out a speaking agenda that included his upcoming campaign for governor, his record as attorney general and “some of the challenges we face here in Kentucky.”


Kent's Column: People And Skills Matter To Your Bottom Line

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Training.  Learning.  Skills development.  Whatever term you use, these days it darn well better be at the core of your business strategy.  Why? Well let’s start with most businesses’ favorite thing, their bottom line…

Steve Pearlstein, a famed economist and Washington Post business writer recently said, “one of the best ways to increase your business’ bottom line is the investment in the development of your employees’ skill sets, problem solving abilities, and creativity”.   Insightful, though hardly profound.



Kent’s Column: What is the ROI on hiring a SummerWorks kid?

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Last week I sent out a joint email with Mayor Fischer to our membership.  The purpose was to highlight the fast-growing SummerWorks program which seeks seasonal employment for local 16-21 year old youth.  While the response was positive, one return email got me thinking.  It asked, as I might expect from our business-savvy constituents, "what's the payback for this", or as I read it, "show me the money".

OK, fair enough.  If we are asking a business to spend somewhere in the $2500 range to employ a kid for the summer, the business has every right to ask WIFM - what's in it for me?


Kent’s Column: School Selection Matters

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To paraphrase a famous Robert Frost poem I read in 4th grade, “Two paths diverged in a wood and I selected the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference”.

Sad thing is that every JCPS family has the opportunity to select the schools of their choice within their cluster, and surprisingly few take it.  The time to for school selection is now; the open enrollment period, so to speak, is now until January 9th.  A very high percentage of kids get their first or second choice, but another very high percentage do not bother to request a specific school; instead, they leave it up to some cranky computer in a dusty basement of the Van Hoose Education Center.  That is sad because even when offered a meaningful semblance of influence over their children’s education, tens of thousands of parents never take it.  Let’s change that!



Kent’s Column: Watch out Austin!

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to regale my old entrepreneurial stories over lunch with a group of UofL entrepreneurial MBA students.  Even better, GLI's new EnterpriseCorp VP Terry Gill joined me, though he did eat half my sandwich.

At this age, serving up decades of experience makes you feel, uh, seasoned. Yes, there is a good reason for that gray hair, and Terry and I each have the gray hair to back up our experience.  But enough about us weathered old guys.



Kent’s Column: After the Polls Close, Just Do It!

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So after one of the most contentious well publicized and important races in Kentucky history, the polls have closed, the ballots counted, and voters have spoken.  And they chose Stephanie Horne, Lisa Wilner, Linda Duncan and Diane Porter.

 Oh yeah, and Senator Mitch McConnell, John Yarmuth and Mayor Greg Fisher won their elections as well (the former a bit closer than the latter two).

With all due respect for our returning senior senator, in the Louisville Metro, some might say that the most important elections this cycle involved the JCPS School Board.  And with a couple of new faces and a whole lot of new public awareness, meaningful progress on public education may now retake its rightful seat at the front of the policy bus.  For too long transformational education change has seemed too difficult, too soon, too bold, too much…  You get it, somehow beyond our imaginations.  So let’s get past the parochial thinking of the past and start thinking big, really big.  Let's start believing that our new school board will see though the changes we need so that someday soon people will move to Louisville FOR its public schools.


2014 Bingham Fellows Focus on Education, Hiring, Economic Development to Make a Difference in Louisville’s West End

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Each year, Leadership Louisville’s class of selected Bingham Fellows come together to explore and seek solutions for community problems. Established more than 20 years ago, the Bingham Fellows have more recently worked to attract and retain talent with an internship program now managed by Greater Louisville Inc. and helped form the Kentucky Indiana Exchange, a regional leadership coalition. It’s been proven that by shining a spotlight and focusing assets and attention on an issue, the Bingham Fellows can help develop necessary partnerships and encourage action.

This year, the Bingham Fellows agreed to tackle the multi-layered problems facing Louisville’s West End, identified more for its crime rate and economic decline in recent years.  One of Louisville’s oldest collection of neighborhoods, West Louisville poses a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. It is home to 60,000 people, but continues to lag behind the rest of the city in median household income, education attainment and home ownership.



Kent's Column: Minimum Wage Is About Skills

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Raising the minimum wage locally is not only outside the legal authority of the city, it is also harmful to the business climate of Metro Louisville. GLI or I are in no way for perpetuating low pay for workers in our community. In fact, the two issues are unconnected. We should start talking about how to help more people gain the skills they need to earn better pay...



Kent’s Column: True Leaders Mentor

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True leadership is not just leading today; it’s also preparing leaders to lead tomorrow. So who will fill the voids when our community’s current cohort of iconic leaders eventually take their well-earned curtain calls? Have you taken the steps to help properly mold future leaders?


In The Fast Lane: Leadership Expedition

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In the fast lane, the 2014 joint leadership expedition to Charlotte is underway!

300+ business and community leaders from Kentucky’s largest cities (Louisville & Lexington) left Sunday to embark on a joint intercity visit to Charlotte, NC June 1-3. This joint expedition will encourage statewide thinking, breakthrough ideas, regional networking, and business collaboration…. and all though you might not be attending, you can still be a part of it all.  



Hello: From New GLI President & CEO, Kent Oyler

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I am thrilled, and I truly mean thrilled, to have been selected to lead your organization. I have been engaged as a GLI member and volunteer for at least 20 years, including 8 years of board service, countless committee meetings, and twice chairing the EnterpriseCorp. This is an organization that I deeply respect and care about. When GLI Board Chair, Kerry Stemler recruited me to interview for the CEO position I didn’t hesitate. When the Executive Committee offered me the job I agreed to step away from my own entrepreneurial businesses and work with you to advance all the businesses in the region.


Leadership Czar Comes to Louisville to Give Back to Hometown

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Leadership Czar Comes to Louisville to Give Back to Hometown

The #1 Leadership Thinker in the world is having a homecoming. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Louisville native turned bestselling author and leadership consultant to more than 150 major CEOs and their management teams, will be in Louisville on Friday, May 23rd at the KFC YUM! Center where he will share his insights and experience as part of an exciting half-day Leadership Seminar hosted by GLI and sponsored by Hilliard Lyons.

It’s been awhile since Dr. Goldsmith ( graduated from Valley High School. Since that time, he has been named the #1 Leadership Thinker in the World as recognized by the bi-annual Thinkers 50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review. He is the million-selling author or editor of 34 books, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There. 



EnterpriseCorp’s 2014 “Fast Dozen” Honors “Gazelles” Ready to Take Off

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According to EnterpriseCorp Director Tendai Charasika, a “Gazelle” is an early to second stage company with lots of momentum to move it forward or, in other words, it is not a large “Main Street elephant.” Charsika credited economist David Burch with coining the term but it would seem that everyone has a definition.

Mayor Fischer applauded this year’s selection of the EnterpriseCorp’s “Fast Dozen” with these words, “you are in one of the most exciting phases of growth where you’re moving so fast that you can either take off like rocket ship or die a terrible death.”

Local entrepreneur and EnterpriseCorp Chairman Kent Oyler quantified the concept by pointing out that the 10 year-old “Fast Dozen” program has honored 193 companies and 52 have been “Gazelles.”

All of the 2014 “Fast Dozen” companies were in the running for continued success as more than 200 members of the entrepreneurial community gathered at Glassworks to honor their ideas, innovations, and tenacity.

EnterpriseCorp, the division of GLI that specializes in developing the region’s fast-growth entrepreneurial sector, created the “Fast Dozen” and its annual “Fast Dozen” Showcase to celebrate12 of the region’s most innovative and up and coming companies as well as provide the opportunity to demonstrate and display their work.  Networking with members of the local entrepreneurial community is also a plus. 

The “Fast Dozen” is selected from the client bases of EnterpriseCorp which includes the Louisville region of the Kentucky Innovation Network, which is administered by EnterpriseCorp. These companies exemplify some of the best high growth creativity and diversity being developed in the region. 



2013 Vogt Awards Demo Day

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New Training and Development Tier for Innovation & Invention Awards Gives Entrepreneurs Chance to Earn $100,000

Who knew that a baby bottle could be your ticket to the yellow brick road?  Of course, we’re not talking about just any baby bottle. The Mix & Go baby bottle is the idea and invention of Frankfort-based LaShana Harris, a busy mother, attorney and entrepreneur.  LaShana used her own harried experiences to inspire her to start her own company, Babylocity, and to develop a simple to use, multi-compartment product that mixes water and baby formula all in one bottle for anytime you need to feed.

LaShana’s desire to find a workable solution to a universal problem lead her to the Vogt Innovation & Invention Awards program, which provides funding and support for early stage manufacturing companies.  Just this year, the Vogt Awards engaged in a little re-tooling of its own and added an accelerator program along with the $20,000 development grant awarded to each of four winners.

As a 2013 Vogt Award recipent, LaShana participated in the Launchit-powered by Nucleus 10-week Lean Start-Up training course, which helped her validate and improve her product through all important customer feedback. In addition, she and the other three Vogt Award recipents, Liberate Medical, ModBox LLC, and Wixel Technologies, participated in weekly sessions on prototyping, design manufacturing, distribution, branding, marketing, packaging, supply chain management and lean manufacturing. The Vogt Award companies also benefited from the availability of a number of highly experienced and successful mentors in the manufacturing sector. 



Exporting to the EU: How Are “Oui” Doing?

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Seminar Highlights Export Strategies and Business Opportunities in France and Germany 

GLI’s recent global business seminar drilled down so far as to offer tips on how to e-mail a potential colleague in Germany and how to handle a business lunch with the French. But it also painted a very big and bright future for those who wish to do business in the European Union (EU). Consul General Graham Paul of France and Consul General Dr. Christopher Brecht of Germany both humorously called their presentations “sales pitches” because they are so confident that they both offer the best economic environments in which to do business that they have each seen in a while. France and Germany together represent one third of the European market. France is the 5th largest economy in the world and Germany is 8th.

Paul, who along with Brecht is headquartered in Chicago, quickly dispelled the myth of the grumbling French person and focused on a productive and educated talent pool. According to current studies, 80% of French people are happy to go to work and France is 4th in the EU in terms of productivity. More than 40% of their workforce are college graduates. He considers France to be the gateway to the EU largely because of France’s focus on innovation. Innovation is their number one priority and is organized around 71 innovation clusters developed through their university system and enterprise channels that have helped to develop more than 5,000 new businesses. Currently 1,300 US companies operate in France representing 55,000 employees. Twenty of those companies are right here in Kentucky and represent more than 7,500 employees.



GLI Legislative Reception 2013: Focus on Appreciation and Key Legislative Issue

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Brown-Forman's Jim Welch Put His Perspectives on Local Option Sales Tax 

Those who attended GLI's 2013 Legislative Reception were introduced to a new event format as well as to the many elected officials who were on hand to meet their constituents. Traditionally, the GLI event has been a dinner, but according to Craig Richard, GLI President and CEO, organizers decided to shake things up a bit and provide a much less structured and more open forum for folks to talk and get to know each other. The idea would seem to have merit as more than 200 attendees mixed it up with the more than 40 elected officials who attended the appreciation event. 

During a brief program, Louisville Metro Council President Jim King outlined how metro council works with businesses and included some of the work accomplished by the Council during the last year.  Highlights include continuing work on a balanced budget, helping to arrange the re-opening of Kentucky Kingdom and the revaluation of controversial neighborhood development funds. Jefferson County Delegation Chair Darryl Owens provided the same overview with regard to the state legislature, highlighting funding for Floyds Fork parks, tax incentives for Ford Motor Company, introduction of legislation to provide for toll collection for financing of the Ohio River Bridges project and funding for a number of U of L projects. 



GLIDE Day 3: Key Takeaway is Collaboration

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It is probably no coincidence that Day 3 of GLI's annual GLIDE trip, which explored Houston this year, was spent at Houston's world renowned Texas Medical Center, an extraordinary example of a single vision with enough significant collaboration to make it happen. . . .over time.

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) started in 1944 as a single vision of Dr. Monroe Dunaway Anderson, of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center fame, with less than a handful of neighboring medical institutions.  At that time the M.D. Anderson Foundation paid roughly $419,000 to the city to buy nearly 135 acres of undeveloped land and dedicate it to becoming the TMC, which today includes 54 member institutions, 106,000 employees, 20,000 physicians and nurses, 23,000 researchers and faculty and a $15 billion operating budget. 

Through strategic planning, the Houston campus has grown to 45.8 million square feet, 1,345 acres and 290 buildings.  And that's just in Houston.  TMC has additional campuses in Galveston and Denton and some of its member institutions operate facilities throughout the world.



GLIDE Day 2: What Makes Houston Big

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From learning the differences and similarities between Louisville and Houston, talking 'Energy's role in Houston's Success' and why Houston is a hot bed for talent to touring the Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Galleria and the NASA Johnson Space Center…Day 2 of GLI's Greater Louisville Idea Expedition (GLIDE) was full of big Texas thinking and fun!  Here are a few insights from GLI's guest blogger Susan McNeese Lynch:

What Makes Houston Big, Mayor Annise Parker

She's mayor of the 4th largest city in America. She is the first openly gay mayor of a major metro. She has to run every two years and can only serve three consecutive terms. And Houston Mayor Annise Parker really knows how to spin a negative into a positive!  When asked about the city's ominous role in the blockbuster movie Apollo 13, she cautioned everyone to listen more carefully. "There's more to that sentence. It's not 'Houston we have a problem.'  It's 'Houston, we have a problem you need to solve!" 



GLIDE Day 1: Heading to Houston

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On September 15, over 100 regional business and community leaders arrived in Houston for 3 days of learning and big thinking as part of GLI's Greater Louisville Idea Development Expedition (GLIDE).  GLI's guest blogger, Susan McNeese Lynch with SML Communications, recaps the jam-packed Houston adventure and all that attendees learned during GLIDE 2013.

Day 1

GLIDE:  Heading to Houston

We're here!  Here in Houston and the fact that the 2013 GLI Glide trip is off and running is testament to the ability of 101 participants, representing businesses, community organizations, non profits, government and schools, to all show up at the same time at SDF, follow instructions to get on the plane, stay somewhat quiet enough to hear the emergency instructions, and exit the plane orderly enough to get on the correct tour bus.  Missions accomplished!!



Fort Knox: Bracing for Change

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On the same day that Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was announcing to the nation that additional troop cuts and civilian layoffs "are imminent unless Congress and the White House reach a deal to avert another round of automatic budget cuts," Fort Knox's Commanding General Jeffrey A. Smith was trying to paint a brighter picture of what lies ahead for the 95 year-old military installation located just 38 miles from downtown Louisville.

Speaking as part of GLI's Business at Breakfast Acclaimed Speaker Series, General Smith acknowledged that Fort Knox is facing a significant period of change, based on the upcoming budget cuts from what is commonly called sequestration, but he also pointed to Fort Knox's own history and the continuing draw down of troops from Afghanistan as reasons for major upcoming transitions. 

General Smith reminded the group that Fort Knox served as the "armor epicenter" for the entire army and armored personnel from 1940 until 2011 when the armor school and center all moved to Fort Benning, GA.  At the same time, Fort Knox maintained its Recruiting Command, which was established in 1995, and accepted Army Accessions, Cadet and Human Resources Commands all of which added an additional 21,000 service persons and civilians that help contribute to Fort Knox's current $2.8 billion economic impact on the area.  



GLI Needs Your Input on Our Region's Economic Priorities

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Louisville has made significant economic strides, but the region isn't keeping pace with competitor cities in creating high-paying jobs and positioning itself for success in a 21st Century economy. GLI is asking members for their feedback to better understand the region's assets and challenges...


GAZELLE: Off and Running in Louisville

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Against a backdrop of shiny white shipping boxes and bright orange balloons, Gazelle Inc., the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site, introduced its new 37,500-square-foot processing center in Louisville. The big news, of course, is that the fast-paced company that will create 438 new jobs and invest $22.3 million in the area over the next several years.
Governor Steve Beshear, Mayor Greg Fischer and Greater Louisville Inc. President & CEO Craig Richard were all on hand to welcome Gazelle’s leadership and growing employee base and to help cut the ribbon at the new facility located at Jefferson Riverport.

Gazelle is quite a catch for Louisville’s Logistics & Distribution sector since it selected its Louisville site based on Louisville’s central geographic location and the ability to move merchandise around the world quickly and efficiently.



GLI: Supporting the Need to LEAD

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“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.” Author and leadership consultant Warren Bennis may have penned this much used quote, but everyone knows it.

Making sure we ‘make’ new community business leaders is what LEAD (Leadership. Engagement. Action. Development.) GLI is all about. Introduced just this week, LEAD GLI is a business leadership development program offered exclusively for employees of GLI’s Top Investors. The six-month comprehensive program is designed for those who want to enhance their leadership skills, expand their personal networks and give themselves a much more in-depth understanding of the region’s economy and economic development strategies.   The half-day sessions will provide class members valuable information about the community’s opportunities and challenges in the areas such as job creation, entrepreneurial development, human capital, public policy, and more.



Top Investors Update on Ohio River Bridges: Praised for Persistence, Business Community Now Asked To Be Patient

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“You have nagged, needled and pushed until we got this job done,” said Governor Steve Beshear to more than 250 attendees of GLI’s most recent Top Investor breakfast about the construction commencement of the Ohio River Bridges Project’s (ORB) Downtown Crossing which will result in a new bridge adjacent to the existing Kennedy Bridge, a reconfiguration of what is commonly referred to as Spaghetti Junction which is the approach to the bridge on the Kentucky side and new approach on the Indiana side to both the Kennedy and the new bridge.

“Thanks to the business communities of Kentucky and Southern Indiana for over a decade of focus and a steady and loud drumbeat that has helped us reach the point we are at today,” he said.

Beshear went on to categorize the ORB as “the largest bi-river construction project in the history of the two states.” Construction is scheduled to start within the next two weeks and the Downtown Crossing is expected to be complete in about three and a half years.  The East End Crossing, which will extend the Gene Snyder Freeway from Prospect over the Ohio River to Utica, IN, has already begun construction and is scheduled for completion in October of 2016.



Louisville’s Economic Development Efforts on a Roll for 2013

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Some say Louisville is attractive as a place to start and grow a business because of its workforce that continually demonstrates a strong work ethic.  Others say it is the hugely positive experience they have doing business with a community that highly values economic development and is thus a strong business supporter.  Still others say that it is because Louisville offers a geographically desirable location and accessibility through a strong logistics and distribution network. 
Regardless of what the reasons are, the reality is that Louisville is experiencing a very strong surge in business expansion and new business development.  And that surge translates to tremendous job creation and long-term investment in our community’s infrastructure.


XLerate Health Puts Pedal to the Metal for Start-Up Health Care Companies

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The good news is that Louisville has already established itself as a leader in supporting health industry entrepreneurs. The even better news is that Louisville is reinforcing that position by being the first city in the southern region of the U.S. to offer an accelerator for early-stage, health-related companies.

XLerateHealth is led by Bob Saunders, a seasoned venture capitalist who has worked with more than 100 startup companies. His fellow co-founders are Ted Smith, a successful health care entrepreneur in his own right, and Director of Economic Growth & Innovation for Louisville Metro Government; and Bobby Ferreri, Executive Director of Greater Louisville's Inc.'s EnterpriseCorp.

The goal is for XLerateHealth to house some of the most innovative health-related companies in the United States and concentrate on leveraging industry partners, including providers, payers and ACO's, to fast-track learning and growth through real-world pilot testing at potential future customer sites for participating companies.



Roll Out the Red Carpet: It’s Small Business Awards Season at GLI

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Each year, GLI goes hunting for the top small businesses in the community in order to recognize and celebrate them for the tremendous contributions they make to our economy and our region. The best of the best are presented with an Inc.Credible Award and this year, we may be looking for you.

If you’re a small business owner or know of a small business that is exceptionally innovative and successful, GLI wants to know about it. GLI already knows that small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, making up more than 99.7 percent of all employers and providing jobs to half of all private sector workers.

The Inc.credible Awards were started in order to recognize outstanding small businesses in eight categories and to celebrate those winners publicly as examples of what hard working and creative business people can do.

This year, the 2013 Inc.credible Awards Luncheon will be held on Friday, August 23 at the Galt House.



“Hacking Away” at IT Talent Development

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Members of Louisville’s economic development team are headed to Washington, D.C. next month for the city’s first Code Red White & Blue Hack-A-Thon.  While there, they hope to get the attention of some young and ambitious IT professionals who just might be willing to take a look at Louisville as a career option.


Spend September in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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Greater Louisville Inc. will host a Discovery Tour to Brazil for both members and non-members as part of our global connections strategy for 2013.  This is the second destination for the year, which includes a trip to Turkey next month.  The exciting excursion to Brazil is scheduled for September 25 to October 3. 

This once-in-a-lifetime trip to Brazil is designed to provide you with the opportunity to experience different cultural activities see important historic sites and explore international business climates.  

The 9-day Brazil itinerary includes stays in both Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro. Highlights are visits to Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, and the famed Copacabana Beach. The deadline to register for this amazing Brazilian experience is June 21, 2013.



GLI Annual Meeting 2013: JP Morgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon Calls World Economy a Roller Coaster as U.S. Economy Stabilizes

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Before a packed house of nearly 1,300 GLI members and supporters on hand to celebrate the economic and community successes of the past year, keynote speaker JP Morgan Chase Chair and CEO Jamie Dimon passed around some congratulations of his own. “I love the pro-business attitude here,” he said. “Clearly you have dedicated board members and good business mentors in this organization. I love my job and I understand how important it is to pass that passion on to others.”


Top Investors: To Many in Community, Tom Jurich = “Best Athletic Director in America”

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After being introduced as the “Best AD in America,” and following a rousing standing ovation, U of L Athletic Director Tom Jurich let it be known that he likes the title, “Little Brother.”  He pointed out that the little brother is the one that has to work more, strive longer and always be up to the challenges that will inevitably arise.  “The little brother is like Avis,” he said, “always trying harder.” Then, as a slow grin spread across his face, he acknowledged “it helps if little brother grows up to be 6’ 4” and 280 pounds.”


Do the Math. College Degree Still Adds Up to Higher Achievement

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Do the Math.  College Degree Still Adds Up to Higher Achievement 

There is a lot of discussion right now about the value of a college degree and whether it is worth the tuition paid and dollars borrowed.  Does the current job market outlook warrant the time and money spent on college-level learning? These are good questions and there are plenty of good answers. . . not just good, but great, in terms of opportunities to head higher up the ladder which leads to higher incomes and ultimately, a higher quality of life.



Start. Grow. Sustain. Series of Free Small Business Seminars Starts Now

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Start. Grow. Sustain. Series of Free Small Business Seminars Starts Now 

Small businesses represent more than 96 percent of all employers and employ 48 percent of the private-sector workforce. By definition, small businesses have fewer than 500 employees, but more than 90 percent of the businesses in Kentucky have fewer than 50 employees.



Capitol Connection: Senate President Stivers Takes the Bigger View

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Capitol Connection:  Senate President Stivers Takes the Bigger View

 “I wake up in the middle of the night worried about making decisions for people I will never see and never know.” 

Before a packed, business-friendly crowd at GLI’s most recent Capitol Connection luncheon, newly elected Senate President Robert Stivers (R, Manchester) introduced himself as a University of Kentucky graduate and a University of Louisville Law School graduate. “My role as Senate President means I conduct and facilitate business on the Senate floor for Louisville and for the entire state,” he said.  Noting that his new job makes him a constitutional officer he went on to say, “I feel the weight.  I wake up in the middle of the night worried about making decisions for people I will never see and never know.”



Capitol Connection: Governor Beshear Says “Yes” to Local Option Sales Tax

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Governor Steve Beshear was very clear about his support of a local option sales tax as he stood before a crowd of more than 250 attendees of GLI's most recent Capitol Connection luncheon.

When asked about his position on the proposed dedicated tax for specified projects within a community, Beshear began his remarks by saying, "As you well know, politicians are known to take both sides of an issue."  After a short pause, he quickly injected, "I'm all for it!"



GLI and 502 Restaurant Week Offer Special Savings

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GLI and a new promotional concept here in town called "502 Restaurant Week," have cooked up a plan to help promote local eateries this winter and it includes a one-year membership to GLI to help build their restaurant's business for the long term! 



GLI Playing Bigger Role as Companies Go Global

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In an effort to gauge the region's current export activities, GLI and its regional partners recently conducted a 2012 Regional Export Activity Benchmarking Survey to gather up-to-date input on area exporting, including a review of any challenges to entering new markets.



UPS’s Mitch Nichols To GLI: “We Love Louisville As Much As We Love Logistics.”

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Maybe it’s because his company is gearing up for what he calls their “Super Bowl”, the high-octane Holiday package delivery season, but UPS Airlines President Mitch Nichols was full of gifts when he spoke at last week’s Business at Breakfast session at the Downtown Marriott. From demonstrating a real affection for Louisville, UPS Airlines and its Worldport home base, to offering up 200 readily available jobs for area citizens, to pledging support and services for businesses wanting to further develop international exporting, Nichols provided a steady stream of insights and advice gleaned from years of running a highly successful worldwide company that started more than 105 years ago on a borrowed one hundred bucks.

Before a crowd of more than 200 people, Nichols acknowledged Louisville for its genuine “receptivity and hospitality” and thanked the community for allowing UPS “to serve the world from our hometown.”

“We’ve been able to expand here because of the support we’ve experienced from the people and government officials and we work hard to give back,” he said, citing the international company’s contributions to United Way, Thunder Over Louisville and the “hundreds of thousands of hours our employees give to projects all over the community.”

Nichols was quick to point out, however, that it takes much more than a love fest to manage a global operation that sorts and delivers more than 15 million packages a day, represents 2% of the world GDP, operates 230 jets and manages a logistics center that occupies 5.2 million square feet of floor space and runs 155 miles of conveyors. “Louisville is our partner,” he said as he noted the three strategic goals for his company and its services; 1) transform and strengthen, 2) invest and grow and 3) continually create value for the customer.


Insights from Dan Jones, 2012 Business at Breakfast

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21st Century Parks Chairman Dan Jones is a man of action. Just ask him. He’ll tell you in no uncertain terms that his primary motto is “Action Changes the World.” That’s how he began his comments to a group of more than 150 attendees at GLI’s recent Small Business at Breakfast Club meeting which was held on the Southeast Christian Church campus in its interactive Teen Center. An apt location since a big part of Jones’presentation provided an in-depth look at the progress being made toward developing the nation’s largest new parks system known as the Park Lands of Floyds Fork located right here in eastern Jefferson County.


GLI Announces Craig Richard, New President & CEO

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Greater Louisville Inc. is pleased to announce Craig J. Richard has accepted an offer from the CEO Search Committee and will become GLI’s new President & CEO, effective January 7.  Craig comes to GLI from the Greater Houston Partnership where he has been serving as its Chief Economic Development Officer since 2008.

The GLI Search Committee is extremely confident in Craig as the selection for GLI’s new leader.  His strong leadership experience and track record of economic development success makes him the kind of candidate to lead GLI’s growth strategies.



Kentucky Offers “Fresh Start” for Delinquent Taxpayers

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Amnesty Program Designed To Help Avoid Penalties While Generating Needed Revenue For The State

So you’re a little behind in paying your taxes? Then you’ll be glad to know that the state is offering you a “fresh start” on paying those taxes paid without getting clobbered by escalating fees and penalties. In addition, you will only be responsible for half the interest you owe and any threat of prosecution will be waived. Sound good?

Here’s how it works.


Celebrating Small Business in a Big Way

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Talking about small business quickly leads to some big names. Did you know that Dell Computers founder Michael Dell started out as a dishwasher in a local Chinese restaurant working for $2.30 an hour? Oprah Winfrey began her career at a local radio station reporting for $100 per week. Clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger originally sold his jeans out of the back of his car. . .talk about no overhead. And New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg worked his way through college as a parking lot attendant. It should come as no surprise that these well-known and successful people got their starts in small businesses. There are more than 28 million small businesses operating in the U.S. today running the gamut from retail to restaurants, car repair to coffee shops and hair salons to food marts. Together, they employ 57% of the country’s private workforce and represent 44% of the national payroll.

Chances are good that most of us here in Louisville got our starts as employees of small businesses, too. Of the nearly 30,000 private sector businesses that call Louisville home, 97% have less than 100 employees and 72% have between one and nine employees. These small businesses and micro businesses represent the hard work and continuing efforts of Louisville’s diverse population including successful women and minority-owned companies and their employees.


Mark Halperin keynotes GLI Legislative Dinner

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Political analyst Mark Halperin blew in last week like a cool breeze, leaving bi-partisanship behind and providing a very balanced look at the last 50 days of the presidential campaign. It probably helped some that he was fresh from his recent EMMY win for the HBO movie based on the New York Times best selling book, Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, Palin and McCain, and the Race of a Lifetime, that he co-authored. It may also be helped by the fact that this was his third visit to Louisville, so he is well beyond stranger status. Further, he pointed out that he feels it is his obligation to be non-partisan as well as work to know the country and not just see the New York and DC points of view. Halperin is also editor-at-large and senior political analyst for TIME, creator and author of’s “The Page,” and senior political analyst for MSNBC. You can see why he would like to get out and about to get the pulse of the country.

Serving as keynote speaker for the GLI 2012 Legislative Dinner, Halperin spoke before a crowd of nearly 400 that included many local, state and national elected officials including Congressman John Yarmouth, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and a number of state representatives, including the Jefferson County Delegation Leadership, and Louisville Metro Council members.


Kindred’s Paul Diaz Champions “Continuum of Care”

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If you were at last week’s GLI Business at Breakfast session featuring Kindred Healthcare CEO Paul Diaz then you have learned that Diaz is a conversationalist.  No big speeches here.  He wants to create a dialogue and that’s pretty important for a guy who is at the epicenter of major health care reform in this country.  Not the kind of reform being debated on the hill, but the kind of health care transformation that is taking place everyday in our hospitals, homes, rehab centers and long term care facilities.  There is no doubt our population is aging and living longer, creating a need for new strategies for how to address more aggressively emerging issues such as medical intervention, chronic disease and sensitivity to end of life. . .not to mention how to pay for it all.  These issues are being dealt with every day in one way or another, but Diaz is leading Kindred, the country’s largest diversified provider of long term and post-acute health care, toward helping to facilitate the integration of these discussions among patients and all health care providers so we can achieve better patient outcomes while taking advantage of efficiencies and cost savings.



GLI President & CEO Opportunity Profile Available

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The full opportunity profile for the next President and CEO of Greater Louisville Inc. is now available for viewing.

Candidates for this position will be evaluated by Jorgenson Consulting. The most qualified individuals will be invited to participate in the next phase of the selection process.

For consideration, please submit letter of interest and résumé.



The Significance of a CEO Roundtable

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As a small business leader, you face greater challenges than ever before.  Your competitors are relentless, customers are scarce and every day brings another wildfire that needs to be put out. Sometimes you feel like the proverbial gerbil furiously running on the wheel but getting nowhere. How can you, as a small business leader rise above the daily fire fighting and focus on the ‘big picture’ – the strategy that will move the business forward toward your vision. Michael Gerber calls this working “on” your business, not “in” your business.

Joining a CEO Roundtable is the best way to start working on your business. The concept is not new. Benjamin Franklin, early in his career, formed a group he liked to call the Junto. He gathered a group of likeminded tradesmen together to meet regularly to help each member improve himself and his business through collective learning and problem solving.  Others have recognized the power of the peer learning group. Napoleon Hill, in his classic Think & Grow Rich calls this a “Master Mind” group and is a key component in his success principles, too.



Hiring Our Heroes RecruitMilitary Veteran Hiring Fair --Louisville

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Hiring Our Heroes events are part of a nationwide initiative by the U.S. Chamber to increase the hiring of veterans. The initiative will help Corporate America respond to a challenge issued on August 5, 2011, by President Barack Obama. Speaking at the Washington Navy Yard, the President challenged businesses to hire or train 100,000 unemployed veterans or their spouses by the end of 2013.

This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with veteran-friendly employers including General Electric, Amazon, Louisville Gas & Electric, Home Depot, and many more.



Chef Edward Lee Announced as Thomas Edison Award Recipient

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Greater Louisville Inc. – The Metro Chamber of Commerce announced today that it is awarding its Thomas Edison Award to Chef Edward Lee. The award celebrates achievements of Louisvillians whose success has brought credit not only to them, but also to the region. His contributions to the community and work to expand the presence and values of GreaterLouisville to a larger audience embody the spirit of Thomas Edison and his work to illuminate the world.


The Search Is On! Executive Search Firm RFP Now Posted

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Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI), the largest business leadership organization for the 26-county Louisville, Kentucky region, needs a dynamic CEO to lead our team. 

Our CEO Search Committee requests proposals from executive search firms by February 14, 2012 for our consideration.  A description of our dynamic organization, the services needed and other important information for the RFP can be accessed online.


GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt to Keynote GLI Annual Meeting

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Save the Date for Annual Meeting 2012!

Oneof the most anticipated networking business events of the year.

Save the date! Greater Louisville Inc.’s Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 20th, from 5-9 p.m., at the KFC Yum! Center.

Past keynote speakers have included some of Louisville’s most sought after trailblazers; Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, Mike McCallister, President and CEO of Humana Inc., Dr. Lance Secretan, nationally-renowned author, and David Novak, CEO of Yum! Brands. This year is no exception with a speaker that is sure to wow all attendees.

Our 2012 Annual Meeting speaker, named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world and among the "World's Best CEOs" three times by Barron's. For more information on the big reveal, click here.

Reserve your seat for one of the most sought after tickets in town!



Announcement - GLI Membership

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Message to GLI Membership
Posted 12/12/11

As a valued member of Greater Louisville Inc., you play a vital role in helping our region achieve its vision. We as an organization appreciate your involvement and want to keep you updated on a transition at GLI.

Today, Joe Reagan, President and CEO of GLI, accepted the position of President and CEO of the St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association.

 Effective January 26, Tracee Troutt will take over as interim President & CEO of Greater Louisville Inc. Eileen Pickett, Executive Vice President, will continue her role leading GLI’s economic development strategy. These two exceptional leaders are accompanied by a remarkably talented GLI team, who will continue to conduct business as usual advancing the Greater Louisville region.



Was This Guy Sitting in Our Last Strategy Session?

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Sometimes, you hear a speaker who is so aligned with your vision and priorities, it seems as though he was listening in on your last strategy session. That’s the way so many of us felt this morning when John Tory, head of the Toronto Civic Action Alliance, spoke at GLIDE. 

John highlighted three opportunities that Louisville and Toronto share: regionalism, inclusion, and the power of ideas. 


Sound familiar?  



The Most Important Commodity Louisville Can Make? Talented People.

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If you're familiar with the book Rise of the Creative Class, you'll appreciate our afternoon speaker today at GLIDE Toronto. Kevin Stolarick is the numbers guy behind the book; the one who analyzed the data and extracted the trends.  

Kevin got us thinking today about the difference between growth and prosperity. He shared this insight: from 1990-2000, Las Vegas was the fastest-growing metro area in the U.S. But in terms of per capita income growth, it was number 323. Growth alone, he noted, does not necessarily equate to prosperity.  

So what should communities focus on if not growth?  



Lessons from TIFF

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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is a marvel. What started as a small film festival in a city with almost no film presence has grown into one of the premiere movie events in the world. How did it happen? That’s exactly what Bill Marshall, one of our GLIDE speakers and a founder of TIFF, shared with us this evening.

Bill, with his Scottish brogue, believes in telling it like it is. So we paid attention when he noted that “process is the enemy of progress,” and urged Louisville to take this advice: “When you have an idea, don’t stop and listen to the people who know better. Because they don’t.” 




Imagining (and Achieving) our Future

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GLI’s GLIDE trip to Toronto got off to a great start today (easy flight, great weather, good food…). One of our very first sessions helped set the tone for the trip, and included some important ideas for our region.  

Nat Irvin II, Professor of Management at the University of Louisville, challenged the group to imagine what it would be like to “live, work, think, believe and lead in a very different world than today” – say, the Louisville of 2030. As a group, we challenged some of our preconceived notions, like what percentage of goods Americans purchase that come from China (if you guess 50-60 percent, like most of our group did, you’re wrong. It’s 1.2 percent.).  




55,000 Degrees Initiative: Mayor’s Press Conference

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As Mayor Fischer reiterated today to a Metro Hall filled with education advocates, we must celebrate our successes in education and acknowledge our challenges. It has long been known that education must be a top priority for Louisville to flourish.



Yarmuth on Washington Today: Too Much Gridlock

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U.S. Congressman John Yarmuth spoke to a full house at GLI’s Capitol Connection lunch last week, discussing the current climate in Washington and some of the business issues pending before Congress. He drew laughs when he noted that Congress’s approval rating was around ten percent, and he wanted to know what the heck was wrong with that ten percent. He lamented the gridlock he sees in the capitol, and offered up that there were challenges coming from both sides of the aisle. He also rebuked those who call for dramatically-reduced federal spending, noting that some of Louisville’s largest employers – Humana, University of Louisville, UPS – would risk job loss if federal dollars were no longer available.

In a robust Q and A, he shared his thoughts on issues important to the business community, including the debt limit debate, lending for small businesses, health care reform, the stimulus, the trade agreements pending before Congress, special interest money in politics, and reauthorization of the surface transportation bill. A full video of his remarks will be posted at, so if you weren’t able to make the event, you can still hear his thoughts on these issues and more.



Who Doesn’t Love Free Money!?

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From now until September 30, EnterpriseCorp and The Community Foundation of Louisville are accepting entries for the 2011/2012 Vogt Awards. Intended to recognize excellence in product innovation and inspire inventors to see their ideas reach full potential, the Vogt Awards provide up to $250,000 annually in grants.

That means, bring your idea to the table and take your chances at receiving the funding to take it to the next level!


GLI’s Intern to Earn Program Wraps a Successful Summer Internship Series

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MacKenzie WoodwardMackenzie Woodward, GLI's Director of Talent Attraction and Community Development talks about a successful Intern To Earn Summer Series


It’s hard to believe the summer is already winding down and college students are getting ready to head back to school.  This also means our team here at GLI is saying farewell and keep in touch to these students as we wrap up a successful Intern to Earn Summer Engagement Series.


In its 2nd year, the Intern to Earn program is part of GLI’s Human Capital strategy and a Talent Attraction initiative.  Focusing on closing the gap between companies in need of fresh talent and interns looking to gain career experience, Intern to Earn aims to develop the talent pool necessary to meet future regional workforce needs, and connect the next generation of talent to the Greater Louisville community.   


The program and website offer a range of services for businesses and students, including internship development workshops, support for businesses with new and existing internship programs, a comprehensive database of internship openings and online tools and resources for businesses and students.   



Back to the Futurallia

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Micha/uploadedImages/GreaterLouisvillecom/Blog/GLI_Blog/GLI_Michael_I.jpgel Iacovazzia-Pau, Manager, International Programs, shares about his experiences at Futurallia. 

  Futurallia as a word and an event means “Future Alliance.” To companies with international reach, it meant an opportunity to meet with 600 small to medium sized business owners from 26 countries for two and a half days this May in Kansas City. The forum took over the town for six days of worldwide networking and affiliation building and GLI, in partnership with NAWBO, was lucky enough to attend.

Greater Louisville Inc. is in the midst of crafting a new globalization strategy, making the opportunity to experience Futurallia and promote Kentucky businesses paramount.


Economic Development Team Visits NYC

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Eileen_Pickett Headshot Eileen Pickett, Senior Vice President of Community and Economic Development for Greater Louisville Inc., offers unique insight into business attraction.  


Sometimes when I talk about what's involved in  attracting a new business to Louisville, I admittedly over-simplify by saying that first and attraction is about 'getting on the list'.  What I mean by that is when a company is faced with either a problem or an opportunity (it's always one of the two) which is prompting it to consider an additional location or a relocation, someone has to develop an initial list of possible locations. If Louisville is not on that initial list, then we never get a chance to compete in what becomes a process of elimination until ultimately the last city standing wins the new business.




The Importance of Supporting Entrepreneurship

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Saunders “[C]reating jobs, jobs, jobs will take ideas, ideas, ideas.”
So says today’s Business First op-ed on the importance of entrepreneurship. Bob Saunders, chairman of Stonestreet One and chairman of GLI’s EnterpriseCorp Advisory Board, penned the piece to highlight the impact of new companies on our regional economy – and the importance of a business climate that supports their success.
You can learn more about EnterpriseCorp’s strategy for expanding entrepreneurism in Louisville at its Signature Event next Tuesday. Click here for complete details and to register. In the meantime, here are some highlights from Bob’s op-ed:



Is Your Workplace Flexible? Application Deadline Approaching for 2011 Sloan Awards

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Sloan For the fourth year, Greater Louisville has been selected as one of only a handful of communities across the country participating in the national Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility.
The nationwide awards program, sponsored by the Families and Work Institute, in partnership with SHRM, recognizes exemplary employers that are using flexibility as a talent management tool to enhance workplace effectiveness and contribute to employee success.

Organizations varying in size and type from the Greater Louisville/Southern Indiana region are invited to apply – the application process is FREE and only takes a short time to complete.



The Latest News from Metro Hall, Frankfort and Washington

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Below is the latest news and developments from Metro Hall, Frankfort and Washington, D.C. If you would like to sign up to receive GLI's free Legislative Updates, simply visit
2011 General Assembly Special Session Ends; Governor Vetoes Large Portions of Medicaid Bill
The 2011 Special Session of the Kentucky General Assembly came to an end last week in an interesting turn of events. As we reported, the House passed the Senate’s version of HB 1, legislation to address a $166 million shortfall in Kentucky’s Medicaid budget. The House did this with assurance from the Governor that he would veto all portions of the Senate’s bill that were objectionable to his administration and House leadership.
Because HB 1 is a budget bill, the governor is granted the authority to strike specific sections subject to a veto override by the General Assembly. However, as the House adjourned Sine Die immediately after passing the Senate version of HB 1, the option to override the Governor’s veto was not available.
As expected, on Friday Governor Beshear vetoed large portions of the Senate’s version of HB 1, bringing the bill back into alignment with what the House had originally introduced and he had supported. Click here to read the Governor’s veto message. Governor Beshear vetoed more than 150 pages of the bill, including sections providing for cuts to state government programs if Medicaid savings couldn’t be accomplished through managed care, as the House and Governor Beshear proposed. Other vetoed provisions include sections barring legislators from being paid during a legislative recess, and sections baring furloughs of state employees as a cost-savings measure.



The latest legislative developments from Frankfort

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As Kentucky General Assembly meets this week in Frankfort, below is a summary of the latest details from GLI's Public Affairs team:
The 2011 Kentucky General Assembly session ended Wednesday without agreement on an important issue impacting Kentucky’s budget: addressing a $166.5 million shortfall in the state’s FY11 Medicaid budget.  As such, Governor Beshear called a Special Legislative Session beginning yesterday. Only two issues are on the call for the special session: Medicaid and raising the mandatory school attendance age in Kentucky from the current 16 to 18.
Not surprisingly, politics continue to play a prominent role in the discussions in Frankfort. As you may know, Governor Beshear is running for reelection this year, and one of his Republican opponents in Senate President David Williams. The special session is being framed in light of this gubernatorial race, and neither side – Beshear and the House Democrats nor Williams and the Senate Republicans – have changed their position on Medicaid since last week.



Small Business Breakfast Club Ramps Up for a Big Year

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Shawna Burton, GLI’s Director of Engagement, shares her insights on SBBC programing for 2011, which helps small businesses make connections and hear from experts in various areas of interest:
This is going to be an exciting year for GLI’s small business members as we kicked off our 2011 Small Business Breakfast Club (SBBC) series in January.  Bill Weyland, Managing Director of CITY Properties, presented to a sold out crowd at the Henry Clay where he discussed the importance of downtown development and how revitalizing the city’s urban core is fundamental in growing the community.  

This year SBBC series is packed full of successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and community leaders, such as Bill and Rob Samuels, Tierra Kavanaugh Turner and Jennifer Mackin just to name a few.




Have You Heard? Ford Escape Giveaway at GLI’s Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting GLI’s Annual Meeting, taking place Tuesday, March 15, is rapidly approaching. And if you attend, you can have a chance to win a 2011 Ford Escape. Yes, you read that right.
At the event, GLI will be raffling a two-year lease on a 2011 Ford Escape. And we know one person who is already excited for this opportunity: Business First blogger Ed Green. Click here  to read his post on the giveaway.
Raffle tickets cost $20 each (cash and personal check only. Must be present to win.), and the best part is the proceeds benefit scholarships for 15K Degrees - a subset of Greater Louisville's  Education Commitment, 55,000 Degrees



How Economic Inclusion Impacts Growth

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Today’s Business First includes an insightful and inspiring op-ed by GLI member Michael White, President and CEO of America’s Finest Filters.  In it, he discusses the importance of economic inclusion to economic growth, noting:
“Economic inclusion is defined as an attitude where all businesses are embraced and afforded every opportunity to participate in the American mainstream and global marketplace. Strengthening communities by reaching out to diverse business owners can yield results never before seen in the economic fabric of communities. Additionally, supplier diversity initiatives with public- and private-sector organizations have become a legitimate growth industry in our country, state and community.”



Bridges Project to Host Free Industry Innovation Forum

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LOUblog Some exciting news regarding our city's new bridges: The Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority, along with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Indiana Department of Transportation, is hosting an industry forum to showcase the Ohio River Bridges Project and explore creative approaches to project development. The free two-day conference is scheduled for February 16-17 at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

The forum is designed to attract a range of industry professionals, so please attend or share the news with your contacts in the following areas:

Global contractors
Global developers
Construction labor industry
Engineering and design firms
Equipment and materials suppliers
Investors and lenders
Local, DBE and specialty contractors
Technology providers



Dave Oetken: Make Your Business Resolutions Stick

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New Year Dave Oetken, Managing Director of Business Advising for GLI’s ENTERPRISECORP, offers the following advice on making your business’s New Year’s resolutions stick:

How are your New Year’s resolutions working out?

Now that we’re halfway through January, are you on track with your New Year’s business resolutions?  Most Decembers, business leaders reflect on the prior year’s performance and vow to improve: to do things differently, or never do that again.

And then what happens?

Fifty-three percent do not maintain their New Year’s resolutions because their planned changes are either too expensive or take up too many resources (Health & Safety Executive – HSE – 2006). Seventy-five percent of change initiatives fail because the organization is unsuccessful in managing the human reaction to change. (John P. Kotter, Leading Change, 1996)

Obviously, the odds are not always in our favor. So, faced with challenges from every corner, what can business leaders do differently this year in order to make their New Year’s resolutions stick?



Close the Deal Kick-Off Helps Create a College-Going Culture

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EDU Nicole Eovino, GLI’s Workforce-Education-Talent Attraction Coordinator, shares her insights on Close the Deal, an initiative to improve the college attendance rate at area high schools:
I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to work on the Close the Deal Kick-Offs for 2010. This was the third year of the Close the Deal program, which is designed to work with a high school's entire senior class to urge them to pursue post-secondary education.  This year’s kick-offs included four JCPS High Schools-Fairdale, Valley, Iroquois, and Western, Spencer County High School, and three Greater Clark County High Schools- Charlestown, Jeffersonville, and New Washington. 

Here’s how the Kick-Offs worked: admissions and financial aid representatives as well as recent graduates serve as table talkers to increase college knowledge, create a college-going culture amongst seniors in high school, provide support and create a sense of urgency for higher education. An education fair with nearby colleges and universities follows to allow students to speak with and ask specific questions to admission representatives from colleges of their choice. 



You’re Invited: Mayor’s Inaugural Breakfast on Monday

12/30/2010 04:09:21 PM  -  0 Comments


As the business community is a critical constituency of our region’s elected officials, we wanted to make you aware of the plans surrounding Mayor-Elect Greg Fischer’s Inaugural Celebration Breakfast on Monday. The event is free and open to the public. If you’d like to attend, please see complete details below.
Date: Monday, January 3
Time: 7:30 a.m.
Location: Kentucky International Convention Center, Exhibit Hall Room 2C



The World’s Globally-Aging Population

12/16/2010 11:21:38 AM  -  0 Comments


GlobeBlogInsights from GLI's Executive Vice President Eileen Pickett on economic development in Greater Louisville:
Over the past 18 months or so, GLI has been intensely focused on the opportunity for Louisville to become the center of commerce, innovation and knowledge within the sector of health enterprises known as Aging Care.  The economic growth opportunity would appear to be extraordinary: Louisville already boasts more HQ of Aging Care companies than anywhere else in the country. The Aging Care sector is on a strong growth trajectory as populations age and need grows. And, there is a real need for innovation in this industry that has seen virtually none over decades.
In parallel to the work and thinking around Aging Care, we have been developing strategies to leverage the continued globalization of the economy.  What can we be doing to assist Louisville businesses in making global connections?  How can Louisville attract more foreign direct investment?  What advantages does Louisville have for foreign companies entering the US market?  The answers to these questions and others present real opportunity and are central to GLI’s strategic plan.
This article from the New York Times magazine
looks at these two phenomena – the aging of the world population and the globalization of the world economy – that we have been considering separately and examines their intersection and integrated relationship. 



Today's Big News: Ford CEO to Keynote GLI Annual Meeting

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Mulally2 GLI announced the speaker for its 2011 Annual Meeting today… and it’s an impressive one.
Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, will be traveling to Louisville to speak at the event, which takes place Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Mulally will discuss the Ford story and how its team returned the company to profitability during the recent economic crisis. Remember: Ford was the only major American car manufacturer to avoid government-sponsored bankruptcy.
This is exciting news, not only because the Louisville business community gets to hear from one of the most respected CEOs in the nation, but because Ford has such a huge impact on the regional economy.



The Importance of Embracing a Global Outlook

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Insights from Michael Iacovazzi-Pau, GLI’s Manager for International Programs:
globe Organizations like the World Affairs Council of KY and S. IN can help to educate our community on the importance of becoming globally aware of our surrounding, and embracing the growing trend of globalization in our region. (GLI’s Greater Louisville International Professionals is another program that supports this concept by welcoming and bringing talented international professionals together, fostering connections of not only people and companies, but their ideas, perspective, culture, and talent.)  

A Community Challenge op-ed by World Affairs Council president Ben Jones is a great testimony to the opportunities and benefits of embracing a global culture and world-view.



New York’s Loss is Louisville’s Gain?

11/12/2010 12:11:48 PM  -  0 Comments

Lou skylineInteresting article on this month.  We know population trends indicate that individuals are migrating out of mega-cities into communities with higher qualities of life (something we pride ourselves on here in Louisville).  As Forbes notes:

"In the course of the next 40 years, the biggest gainers won't be behemoths like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, but less populous, easier-to-manage cities that are both affordable and economically vibrant… Over the past decade, the biggest migration of Americans has been to cities with between 100,000 and 1 million residents.”

Louisville is poised to greater benefit from this trend – in fact, we already are.



Training Opportunity for Regional Entrepreneurs

11/8/2010 10:26:41 AM  -  2 Comments

Business PlanLouisville’s entrepreneurial community is thriving, thanks in part to the availability of guidance for new start-up companies and their entrepreneurs. One such opportunity is taking place this month, compliments of Nucleus: Kentucky’s Life Sciences and Innovation Center. From Business First:


“[Nucleus] will host a training session next week for leaders to help local businesses. The program, FastTrac TechVenture, is a partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. It is designed for entrepreneurs of innovation-based startups, particularly those in life sciences, engineering and applied sciences. It aims to evaluate and improve business concepts, express business concepts through various plans and build a network of entrepreneurial relationships....”



Does Your Company Have a Plan to Finance Business Growth?

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DaveO As our economy emerges from the recession and companies look to grow again, Dave Oetken , Managing Director for Business Advising at ENTERPRISECORP, offers his insights to help businesses understand the importance of cash cycles and financing growth:

The goal of every business leader is to grow the business or organization. Right? Sales solve all problems. Right? If I could just increase sales by 10% or just find that next big contract all my problems would be solved. Right? Well, maybe.



Louisville’s Aging Care Innovators

10/20/2010 03:03:07 PM  -  0 Comments


Louisville’s Aging Care sector is growing, making it one of the region’s most exciting areas for economic growth. Today, the My Better Nursing Home blog highlighted one critical component Louisville is using to develop the next generation of innovations in again care: The International Center for Long-Term Care Innovation.



Fortune Magazine Recognizes Louisville’s Growing Dominance in Logistics

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Fortune The latest from Eileen Pickett, GLI’s Senior Vice President for Economic and Community Development:


We’ve known for a long time that the logistics and distribution sector is central to Louisville’s economy.  And we’ve known that this community is good at logistics – if you need to get something from here to there, Louisville is the place to do it.   It’s rather nice though, to have the rest of the world acknowledge this strength.


I draw your attention to the current issue of Fortune magazine (the Oct 18th issue – the one with Oprah on the cover) pages 32 and 33.



55,000 Degrees – Turn up the Heat!

10/18/2010 10:33:27 AM  -  1 Comments


Graduate22What will it take to grow our city and attract new-economy jobs? One thing we know for sure is more citizens with post-secondary degrees.  So a coalition of business, civic and government leaders have taken on an exciting new initiative that will increase the number of degree-holders in Louisville by 55,000 people.


A bold goal? You bet.



Which Candidates Support Business?

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vote GLI published its 2010 Candidate Survey responses today, and if you haven’t checked them out, you can click here to do so.


As we all know, Kentucky has an important election taking place on Tuesday, November 2. To help you support candidates who are committed to improving the local, state and federal climates for business, GLI surveyed candidates for local, state and federal office and asked them to share their positions on pressing employer concerns – taxes, economic development, business regulation and more.



New Member Benefit Makes Procurement Easy! (And Sends New Customers to Your Door)

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CBid The Inner Chamber doesn’t have many procurement needs. We’re a blog. But the rest of our organization is utilizing products and services all the time: awards, office supplies, graphic services, caterers… the list goes on and on.


We know most companies are like ours: many needs, little time to get competitive bids. So GLI has launched a new exclusive member benefit to address this challenge: ChamberBid.



Not All Ideas Can Be Realized Quickly…

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As Louisville is working to transform itself into the Idea Capital of the World, people across the community are thinking about what it means to dream big – and what it takes to make an idea reality.


Today’s Washington Post has an interesting article on one man’s quest to make his dream come true. In the case of Jan Scruggs, his dream was to create the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Click here to read his account of the challenges and fortitude it took to make his big idea come to fruition.



Who Doesn’t Like Free Coffee? Get Yours Tomorrow!

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Java Much like America runs on coffee, GLI runs on the support and engagement of our small business members. Throughout the month of September, we've been celebrating small business contributions to our region's vitality. Now, we’re inviting our small business members to power up with free Java Brewing coffee tomorrow.


We know working at a small business requires wearing many hats - and putting in many long hours. So GLI and Java Brewing have teamed up to show our appreciation by offering small business workers free coffee and pastry tomorrow (Wednesday) at any Java Brewing location.



Philanthropic Giving: Lessons from Pittsburgh Coming to Kentucky

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Giving The 2010 Leadership Expedition trip to Pittsburgh uncovered many key factors for successful, thriving hubs of innovation and activity. One area the GLI/Commerce Lexington group explored was the impact of philanthropic giving, which has been a theme studied at several past GLIDE trip locations as well.


Philanthropy and a rich culture of philanthropic organizations is one way communities create rich quality of life for their residents. In today’s Courier-Journal, an interesting article discusses Kentucky’s philanthropic potential. A recent study from Center for Rural Entrepreneurship estimates that $3.6 billion is charitable giving is available if philanthropies succeeded in capturing just five percent of the wealth expected to shift generations by 2020.



Strategy – Now That You’ve Developed It, Execute It!

9/7/2010 12:15:12 PM  -  2 Comments

Strategy David Oetken, Director of Business Advising for GLI’s ENTERPRISECORP, shares his insights on corporate strategies below. As one Harvard Business Review article notes, “A brilliant strategy, blockbuster product or breakthrough technology can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there.”



As market conditions quickly change, any company that can rapidly “triage” its strategy and adapt to new conditions will have a huge competitive advantage. Worldwide, strategic planning has become the business norm. However, in a recent survey, chief executives of corporations identified excellence in execution as their top challenge (55.4%), as well as the alignment between strategy and execution (47.0%), and speed, flexibility and adaptability to change (46.6%). Clearly, CEO’s are recognizing that developing a good strategy is far easier than executing that strategy. 



Does Your Corporate Environment Encourage Innovation?

8/9/2010 01:07:04 PM  -  0 Comments


As the Greater Louisville Region works to become the Idea Capital of the World, many companies are looking for ways to contribute. And like so much in the new economy, it all begins with innovation, innovation, innovation.


CNN Money offers an interesting step-by-step guide to innovation, using the best practices of some of America’s most innovative companies. Companies that creative environments where innovations can thrive are more likely to see new ideas arise and be implemented.


The steps to creating an innovative environment, which are discussed in detail, include:



Finding New Customers to Diversify Your Client Base

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DaveODave Oetken, Director of Business Advising for GLI’s ENTERPRISECORP, delivers detailed, personalized guidance to local businesses who want to generate new growth.  Below, Dave examines the “80/20” rule of business, and offers insights on how your company can successfully enlarge its customer base beyond that 20 percent:

Recently, experiences with clients have caused me to rethink the old 80/20 rule. This rule states that 80 percent of a company’s revenue comes from 20 percent of its customers. As a result, smart business leaders focus most of their time and company resources toward this segment.  And, while it can be a good business practice, it can also become a dangerous habit.

Case in point: a local company did increasing business with a large manufacturer to the extent that 90 percent of its revenues came from that one customer. As you can guess, when the customer decided it could buy cheaper elsewhere, it put the local company out of business, costing the community 67 jobs.

In today’s competitive environment, the 80/20 rule can sometimes be cause for alarm, especially if most of the 80 percent is coming from a small number of customers.



Meet the Intern: Elizabeth Matthews

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Elizabeth As summer is winding to a close, we’re posting the final installment of our Meet the Intern series. Elizabeth Matthews, a Northern Kentucky native, worked with GLI’s Public Affairs and Communication department. The Inner Chamber Blog can personally attest to the amazing research and thoughtful projects she completed this summer, on topics ranging from education and the local economy to taxes and Kentucky state revenue. Read on to learn more:


Hi! My name is Elizabeth Matthews, and I will be a senior at Duke University this fall. I’m studying public policy and am thrilled to be an intern in GLI’s Public Affairs and Communications Department. I’m interested in a broad range of policy areas, so over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to research several different issues that affect Louisville and its people.


The Fed Says Regional Economy Improving

8/6/2010 09:22:00 AM  -  0 Comments



The Federal Reserve Bank's St. Louis District, which includes Louisville, is reporting that economic conditions are improving throughout the region. In a report released last week, the Fed showed activity has increased in the manufacturing and service sectors. However, the report also showed that commercial and industrial real estate markets remain weak, and overall bank lending activity decreased from early April to late June.



Fortune Magazine’s 5 Strategies for Global Expansion

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Intl Money International markets are a hot area of business expansion, as companies of all sizes are looking to broaden their customer reach into new areas. Last month, GLI’s Small Business Breakfast Club got a global perspective when Lynn Cooper, President of BFW International, discussed the benefits of global commerce.


This month, Fortune Magazine ran an interesting article offering readers “5 Strategies for Global Expansion.” Click here to read the complete article; or for the really impatient (or simply swamped), here are the five pieces of advice:



Meet the Intern: Ann Marie Kelly

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AnnMarie Today’s post is the second in our summer Meet the Intern series. Like a growing number of businesses across the region, GLI has the help of some exceptionally talented interns this summer. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Ann Marie Kelly. We have appreciated her leadership and energy this summer!


Hello, my name is Ann Marie Kelly. I’m a senior at Bellarmine University majoring in Communication with a minor in Peace Studies. At Greater Louisville Inc., I work on the Intern To Earn Program and the 2010 Inc.credible Awards.


Have It Your Way!

7/29/2010 05:20:15 PM  -  0 Comments

Blog You’ve got ideas. We want them.


What kinds of postings would you like to see on The Inner Chamber? More advice and insights from GLI staff? Articles of interest from local and national sources? Insights into new business strategies and initiatives? What kind of topics should we cover? Social media? Customer service? International trade?



The Entrepreneurial State of Our Region

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SOEEarlier this month, GLI’s ENTERPRISECORP released its 2010 State of Entrepreneurship Report.  The report, published every five years, is an honest assessment of Louisville’s capacity for creating and growing new businesses, and makes recommendations on the strategies needed to continue that growth over the next five. It recommendations, particularly around research commercialization and creating an environment that continually energizes new ideas, impact public policy, investment decisions and community focus regarding entrepreneurial challenges for the region.


So you may be asking yourself, “If I’m not an entrepreneur, how does this impact me?



Lincoln, Edison and Brandeis Loved Ideas – Do You?

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RLC logo As you know, Greater Louisville is in the middle of a regional visioning campaign to transform Louisville into the Idea Capital of the World: Where Imaginations and Individuals Thrive. You can learn more and get engaged in the discussion at , where 1,600 of your friends and neighbors are discussing new ideas and gaining momentum to make them a reality.


In last week’s Courier-Journal, Kevin Wardell, chair of the Regional Leadership Coalition (RLC), penned an op-ed encouraging all community members to get engaged with the visioning process. He wrote:



Meet the Intern: David Burt, Yale University

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David Burt Like a growing number of businesses across the region, GLI has the help of some exceptionally talented interns this summer. In our Meet the Intern series, we let you learn little about the new faces you’ll see around our office. First up is David Burt, one of our Bulldogs in the Bluegrass.


Hi, my name is David Burt, and I’m the guy in the first cubicle you pass after you receive your hearty hello from Alex at the GLI offices. I will return to Yale University next fall as a sophomore, majoring in economics (most likely). I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a place you may know as a nice spot to stop on the way to your vacation in Florida. At Yale I write for the newspaper and play on the club soccer team.



Around the Globe, and Indian Reporter Learns ‘It’s Possible’ in Louisville

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SPAN Mag Louisville is featured this month in one of India’s top magazines, SPAN. Reporter Sujoy Dhar visited Louisville when Dr. Kalam, the former president of India, spoke here this spring at an event hosted by the Greater Louisville International Professionals.  Dhar shares his insights on Possibility City, our Indian entrepreneurs, and the work of G.L.I.P.


He writes: “Louisville, the largest city in the U.S. state of Kentucky, is also branded as Possibility City because of its rapid socioeconomic and cultural strides. The city’s promoters are wooing Indian talent and have actively involved the prosperous, local Indian American business community to propel Louisville’s success."



What Makes a Fast-Growth Company?

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Lisa B 

Every community wants more gazelles – the small, fast-growing companies that create the majority of new job opportunities. But many entrepreneurs and small business owners aren’t sure what it takes to drive their ideas into fast-growth opportunities.

Part of the mission of GLI’s ENTERPRISECORP is to nurture and expand fast-growth companies. Lisa Bajorinas, Managing Director of ENTERPRISECORP, offers the following quality factors that aid the successful, fast-growth companies she oversees in the High Impact Portfolio. High Impact companies drive growth and job creation for Greater Louisville.



Sec. Peters on Clean Coal, Energy Prices, Biomass and More

7/19/2010 04:40:57 PM  -  0 Comments


Len PetersDr. Len Peters, Kentucky’s Secretary of Energy and Environment, spoke at today’s Capitol Connection luncheon. The first thing you’ll notice about Dr. Peters is that he is incredibly knowledgeable on pretty much every aspect of energy research, development, distribution, regulation and policy. His speech was insightful, but where he really shined was in answering questions from GLI members. From the prospects for nuclear power in Kentucky to EPA air regulations and the development of clean coal technology, Dr. Peters spent more than 30 minutes shedding light onto some of the hottest areas of energy and environmental development.



Rapid Bus Transit - A Possibility for Louisville

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Rapid Bus There’s a very interesting article in this month’s New York Magazine on rapid bus transit, one of the transportation improvements the Bridges Project would enable in our community. Definitely worth a read, as it will get your mind churning on the possibilities for mobility in Louisville. 



How educated do our citizens need to be for the jobs of 2018?

6/29/2010 03:03:05 PM  -  0 Comments


report cover Last week, the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce and the Alliance for Excellence in Education’s President’s Policy Council released a state-by-state report forecasting the educational needs of the job landscape through the year 2018. The report, Help Wanted: Projections of Job and Education Requirements Through 2018, highlights the growth of jobs by education level.


The report projects that by 2018, 63% of all jobs will require some level of postsecondary education. There will still be jobs for those who do not graduate from high school, but those jobs will continue to decline in each state. In Kentucky specifically, the report noted:



2010 Competitive City Report

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LOUblog If you haven’t seen the 2010 Competitive City Report, put it on your must-read list this week.  You can view the full report, released this week by the Greater Louisville Project, by clicking here.


The report is an honest look at how Louisville is faring compared to our competitor cities in terms of education, investment, and quality of life. This op-ed  in yesterday’s Courier-Journal does a nice job highlighting the successes and challenges the report reveals. The findings – especially those concerning the need to dramatically increase educational attainment in the region – should be infused in our community conversations about the future of Greater Louisville.



International Networking – Finally!

6/22/2010 03:02:48 PM  -  1 Comments

    A message from Victor de Oliveira, a member of GLI’s International Professionals program and G.L.I.P.’s Brazil ambassador   The G.L.I.P. After Hours Networking events have been providing a much needed (and way overdue) venue for international professionals to



Headquarter Strategy Paying Dividends

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  Yesterday’s Dometic announcement marked somewhat of a milestone in GLI’s efforts to attract company headquarters to our community. Dometic is the 11th corporate headquarters to relocate to Louisville since GLI and our economic development partners at Metro Louisville and



Dometic Moving HQ to Louisville

6/22/2010 01:32:02 PM  -  0 Comments

  A great economic development achievement was heralded yesterday, when Dometic Corporation  announced it will relocate its Americas headquarters operation from Elkhart, Ind., to Louisville.  The move will result in 98 new high paying, professional jobs and more than $4.1



Taxes... Education... Energy... If it impacts your business, it's in GLI's Federal Agenda

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   If you follow the news coming out of Washington, D.C., you already know that dramatic federal changes are being discussed and enacted in key business areas like health care and labor.  That makes it a critical time for local



Intern Report: Regional Bus Tour

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   Insights from Elizabeth Matthews, GLI's Public Policy Intern for Summer 2010   Last Friday, several GLI interns, along with many other Louisville area interns, boarded an Intern to Earn charter bus for a day tour around the region. We



World Cup Fever Hits Louisville

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  A report from the field (that would be the soccer field) from G.L.I.P. manager Michael Iacovazzi Pau   For the most part we all try to be impartial being politically correct is something we are acutely aware of. However, when



Road Under Second Street Bridge to Get a New Look

6/10/2010 10:28:46 AM  -  0 Comments


Road Under Second Street Bridge to Get a New, Inviting Look 



The results are in – 98% of regional students plan to attend college!

6/10/2010 10:06:14 AM  -  0 Comments


The results are in – 98% of regional students plan to attend college!



ICYMI: Leadership Expedition Op-Eds

6/9/2010 04:13:32 PM  -  0 Comments


In case you missed it… The region is still a-buzz with discussions from the 2010 Leadership Expedition to Pittsburgh. Three community leaders authored editorials last week regarding take-aways from the trip:



Crane weighs in on the BEST-Lagardere deal

6/9/2010 04:02:02 PM  -  0 Comments

 When I first heard that BlEST—a Sports Media company founded by Louisville entrepreneur Jonathan Blue—would likely be acquired by Paris-based Lagardere Unlimited, I was not surprised. Anyone who knows Jonathan knows it was just a matter of time before BEST became one of the world’s largest and most successful companies in its space.



Paul Thompson on the 2010 Leadership Expedition

6/9/2010 03:24:56 PM  -  0 Comments

   Those of us in GLI’s ‘inner chamber’ are aware of the 2010 Leadership Expedition, which was a joint trip between Louisville and Lexington to study regionalism in Pittsburgh, Pa.



Ky. Education Drop-Out Rates Hit Historic Low(2)

6/2/2010 09:15:10 AM  -  0 Comments

Great news on the education front, which as we all know is critical to developing the skilled workforce we need for our companies.  



Watch the Arena Going Up

5/26/2010 03:09:12 PM  -  0 Comments

  This is pretty neat – you can watch the new downtown arena’s completion via high resolution webcam. Get a sneak peak at what the inside will look like, from seats to scoreboards.



GLI’s Mark Crane a finalist for E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year

5/20/2010 10:06:56 AM  -  0 Comments

   Ernst & Young has announced its regional finalists for the Entrepreneur of the Year award – and Mark Crane, Executive Director of GLI’s ENTERPRISECORP, is one of them. Mark’s passion for helping grow and fund entrepreneurial businesses has been



Kentucky General Assembly goes into special session Monday

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This Monday, May 24, the Kentucky General Assembly will convene for a special legislative session to finish work on the budget. As you may remember, House and Senate leaders could not come to a final agreement on the two



May is Hometown Tourist Month!

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Be a tourist in your hometown this month, as May is 2010 Hometown Tourist Month. More than 60 area attractions, restaurants and hotels are participating with 2 for 1 discounts and special offers throughout the month. For a complete list



Got Summer Interns? We've Got Fun Events!

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Summer is arriving, and soon interns will be settling in at businesses across the region. If your company has summer interns, you can help them meet other interns, connect with business leaders, network with peers, and learn more about



Social Media Keeps Louisvillians Connected

5/11/2010 11:53:52 AM  -  0 Comments

 The 2010 Greater Louisville Inc. and Commerce Lexington Leadership Expedition will be studying best practices that can be used to strengthen cities in Kentucky, and now citizens can follow the discoveries, speakers and innovations learned on the trip



Business Leaders Share Needs with Business First

3/12/2010 11:06:49 AM  -  4 Comments

Business First recently organized a panel discussion with a dozen Louisville business owners  to discuss the pressing needs of our city… especially as we approach the election of a new mayor for our community.   The publication asked, “What do